Monday, March 09, 2009

Getting Wifi to work properly

One of the first things I ran into, was getting Wifi to work properly. The T60p I got is equiped with the Atheros 5212 chipset and this particular chipset imposes some problems on the Linux platform in general; Ubuntu 8.10 no exception.

One of the things I found was that the Gnome Network Manager didn't enable me with enough config options, to change some of the deeper settings. But also the proprietary driver that comes with Intrepid Ibex isn't working as it should.

However, there are some very good alternatives out there which can help you to get Wifi working as designed. At this point I would like to refer you to a website I found, which describes the whole process in detail and it worked marvelously for me.

So, check out Patrick Wardrop's website and get going!

One of the most appealing things of Patrick's posting is the fact that he replaced the Gnome-Network-Manager with WICD and boy, am I happy with that!

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